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Are you or your loved one experiencing speech issues due to a stroke or brain injury? We can help.

Services for Adults

Stroke, TBI,

Stroke, traumatic brain injury, and concussions can lead to multiple challenges in different aspects of communication such as clarity of speech, getting words out, understanding others, reading, or writing. They could also cause difficulties with problem solving, reasoning, paying attention, and memory.


Speech Therapy is part of a multidisciplinary approach to help a patient recover and achieve a better quality of life after experiencing any of these.

Swallowing &

Some diseases and disorders could impair oral motor function and lead to difficulties in swallowing. Problems with eating and drinking drastically reduce a person’s quality of life. These could cause swallowing pains, drooling, acid reflux, or even choking. A speech-language pathologist can help through swallowing exercises, improved posture, or dietary modifications if needed.


Myofunctional therapy exercises and trains the muscles around the face to help with difficulties in talking, breathing, eating, or sleeping. Get in touch with a speech pathologist for a thorough evaluation of your needs. We can then create a therapy program that is personalized for you.

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