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Your kid’s progress is our priority

Is your child difficult to understand? Struggling to understand others or expressing what they mean? We can help.

Services for Children

Articulation/ Pronunciation

Is your kid having trouble pronouncing certain sounds? Speech therapy can help them speak more clearly and communicate with more confidence.


If your child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, they might struggle with social interactions and communication. Speech therapy can help both your kid and your family as you navigate through their struggles.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

We can help you make learning fun and easy for your child. AAC devices and tools may use alternatives to verbal speech to aid them in learning and expressing themselves. A comprehensive evaluation will help us identify the right AAC system for them.

Early Intervention
for Toddlers

Your child’s first few years are crucial in their development. If you think your kid is showing signs of delay in speech and language, get in touch with a speech pathologist so we can evaluate and recommend an early intervention program for them.

Picky Eating

Is feeding time a difficult and frustrating time at your home? These issues may lead to poor weight gain, choking, or feeding disorders. A speech therapist can help your kid gain a healthier relationship with food and their meals.


Does your child struggle with tongue thrusts, drooling, or swallowing? They might be having a hard time controlling the muscles in their mouth and face. A speech therapist, along with other multidisciplinary professionals, can help your kid overcome these struggles.



Our oral habit elimination program incorporates evidence-based strategies, positive reinforcement, parent involvement, and a lot of fun for your kid! We make sure they feel in-charge of ending their thumbsucking habit with the full support of their therapist and parents.

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